Handrite note Notepad Pro 2.16

Source:NC Corp.

Quickly take notes, and share it.
• Quick--Record your handwriting directly. No need to wait for the annoying text recognition.
• Impossible to write text as small as in a paper?--Handrite resize your handwriting to a smaller size automatically. So just like in a paper, more text can be written even in a small screen.
• Share your own handwriting to social networkings(Facebook…), E-mail, MMS, twitter, bbs, blogs.
• Fast access--Put any note in your desktop as desktop widget.(Not available if installed in SD card)
• Not limited by screen size--Hold a second when writing, can move the writing around, hence make more room. Very useful for writing long words, or even simple sketching.
• Easy writing complicated content--Hold a second when writing, can disable "auto insert" temporarily.
• Can define different pens(Color, stroke width, text size), and fast switching pens.
• Clean UI. Most room of the screen are used to do handwriting.
• Organize notes by labels.
• For paid version: ads free.

feature: handrite handwriting handwritten Note taking 手写记事本 便签本 原笔迹 99记事
Recommend to work with:Facebook twitter gmail evernote catch notes noteeverything QQ qq空间 开心网 人人网 新浪微博
Usage: stay organized remember research GTD diary memo whiteboard schedule agenda draft plan meeting TODO list finance 备忘录 日记本 行程安排 日程 白板 会议纪要 会议议程 课堂 class 草稿 sketch 待办事宜 记账

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